Learn more about the organization and the local team that organizes it.

Our Vision

We believe that the human condition is increasingly challenged by poor experiences. IxDA is committed to improving the human condition by advancing the discipline of Interaction Design.

Our Mission

To foster a community of people that choose to come together to support our vision. IxDA relies on individual initiative, contribution, sharing and self-organization as the primary means for us to achieve our goals.

Subjects We Cover

User Experience

Ensuring every interaction with a product or service is easy and efficient, so that the overall experience is a pleasant one.

Lean UX

A process of quickly producing a minimum viable product (MVP) and pushing it out to the market as rapidly as possible.

UI Design

Maximizes the user experience by creating the look and feel, the presentation and interactivity of a the digital interface.

Information Architecture

Increasing the usability and findability with the proper organization and labelling of information in digital products.

Design Research

Identifying user’s assumptions, commonalities, needs, goals, and mental models in the target audience for a product or service.

Content Strategy

The planning, development, and management of all written and media-based content.

Leadership Team

Morgan Landis

Website & Marketing

Morgan is a UX contractor and the owner of Contented Design, LLC. She is a design thinker, information architect, and professional storyteller (content strategist).

Tanya Vora

Speaker Event Coordinator

Tanya is a User Experience Researcher from Akron who loves traveling, cats & Korean food. She believes that design transcends a single practice and can be used as a tool for problem solving in any calling.

Lori Lundy

Speaker Event Coordinator

Lori is a passionate ux designer who got her humble beginnings coding Myspace layouts. As a new resident of Buckeye Nation, Lori loves exploring the various neighborhoods and restaurants Columbus has to offer.

Gina Ranalli

Event Coordinator

Gina is a User Experience designer at IBM who is absolutely obsessed with her eskimo mix pup. Originally from the Philadelphia area, she moved to Ohio in 2009, Columbus in 2014.